There is information you search for on a daily or weekly basis, so the faster you can retrieve it, the better. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to click one button to show you a list or report of this information? Why not click one button to see all the matters assigned to you by practice area or assigned to you when ready for review?

Welcome to the world of Quick Tabs. This feature comes with huge benefits as it allows users to gain quick access to different views of filtered data. The Quick Tabs are saved custom searches which filter data with the option to sort the data using specific criteria. These Quick Tabs are accessible in different sections of the program to suit any user. Lawyers can log into Time Matters and immediately see the list of all the matters where they are the responsible lawyer, the assigned lawyer, or a combination of both. As an assistant or a clerk, I can see all the matters where I am the assigned assistant or clerk, or I can see all the matters where the lawyers I work with (Peter, Suzanne and Richard) are the responsible lawyers. As any user, I have the ability to see the matters within a date range that have been opened but not moved to the next stage. The world of Quick Tab continues and with the right customization, the list of different options to create are almost limitless.


Quick previews in Outlook and other email packages saved us all an amazing amount of time – most of us don’t even remember that we used to have to OPEN every email to find out if it was ‘worth opening’.  Now we take it for granted.  Power Views offer the same insight and speed inside your Practice Management system.

This is a highly customizable HTML preview pane that allows the user to see details of the selected record without opening the record. Along with some other neat abilities, it allows the users to see the details of related records and enables users to add new records to the system and perform searches. This means that any user, without having to open a case or matter can see details of the matter and all its related records. With the Power View backend flexibility, you have an abundance of options and Time Matters allows you to can create your own custom Power Views. Why not give yourself the ability to view the related contacts to a matter and initiate a new email message that pops up into Outlook with a predefined subject line? Why not give yourself the ability to see all the documents saved to the matter within the last 7, 30, or 90 days? Why not give yourself the ability to review your contacts related to a matter and click on the phone number for your client and have the call dialed through Skype?


The ease of navigating through the program by working with Quick Tabs and Power Views together truly stands out when comparing Time Matters to other Practice Management products.

I have a different workflow than you do.  You have a different workflow than your assistant does. The people down the hall in another area of practice have yet another specialized workflow to make them as efficient as possible. We all work differently.  Powerviews and Quick Tabs allow the same practice management ‘platform’ to be tailored to the needs and preferences of everyone in the office. I watch lawyers come into the office, log into Time Matters and get prompted to a list of all their urgent matters in a Quick Tab that is sorted by date opened or date of last activity, accompanied by their set default Power View showing the most pertinent data for review. One simple mouse click and they can see the related documents, tasks and correspondence saved by themselves and others in the firm. Essentially you can navigate and get all the information you need without having to type in any search criteria or opening the matters – and with minimal mouse clicks! That is what I call navigating with ease.

– Brendon Cowans