Holding Down the Fort

In the closing scene of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the titular duo is trapped in a farmhouse, surrounded by the Bolivian army and dreaming of far off Australia, where both banks and the armed forces are pushovers.

Our heroic duo’s hideout has only one door, no other apertures. This is a blessing and a curse: as they plot their escape, bullets can’t whiz through windows and cause chaos within.  But their opponents can centre their focus on that single point of exit.

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Holding on to your IP Aces

You’re sitting at the poker table with a strong hand, but your opponent’s bluff gets you every time. You can’t catch a break. You fold and call it a night, but on your way home you recall a parlor mirror on the wall behind you. Did she ‘have the goods’ on your hand all night? In a world where digital information is power, sometimes you’re left guessing. The only solution is to alway check your surroundings.

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