Every practice needs effective workflows: they help you docket your time, assemble documents and manage cashflow. ellwood Practice Management (ePM) works with you to tailor software to suit the needs of your firm; our experienced consultants know how technology can best assist your firm in navigating the legal landscape. ePM can assist you in the selection and implementation of software, big or small.

If you want to set up a new firm, we can streamline the management of your practice and ensure that the tools you depend on every day are right for the job. We provide certified training at whatever level your firm demands.

If you’re happy with what you already have, but want more, our integrators can upgrade, upscale or optimize your firm’s Practice Management solutions.

Time Management

Docketing ensures that you’re paid for your work, so it’s vital that you have a reliable system with which to record your time. These solutions help you capture more billable hours and schedule them more effectively.


Law offices have to contend with reams of documents, each attached to a matter, for a specific intent. Document management systems enforce effective, standardized naming conventions and storage in tiered matter-relevant folders.

Document Generation

Court is time-sensitive. Legal documents are time-consuming to write and face strict deadlines. Automated document creation can help ease the process, making repetitive tasks much faster and freeing more time for more difficult and demanding work. Easy, configurable interfaces reduce the impact of clerical error and allows for easy document storage and retrieval. ePM can implement industry-specific automation solutions so you can focus on the file, not the formatting.

Accounting and Business Intelligence

Law firms are businesses: ePM’s integrated management solutions ensure that you have the performance information you need when you need it. An effective accounting system allows your firm to quantify all the time and expense you put into a file, then bill for it.