Understanding your current software before changing

We frequently go into firms to demonstrate accounting and practice management software products.  These demos are usually requested by firms contemplating switching from their current software to … another similar software.

It is always surprising to me to find how many firms do not know the capability of their current software before they start looking to change.

Regardless of the software, (PCLaw, Time Matters, Amicus, etc) it is always best to contact a consultant who is certified on the product to know what the full capabilities are and what you can or cannot accomplish with what you already have.  You can usually find these consultants listed on the software website.

A good consultant should be able to demonstrate how to make better use of your current software or, alternately, what the competing software can do for you and where the pain points of switching will be.

Now you ask: If I decide to switch, should I use a consultant to install and implement?

Absolutely! Although most practice management and accounting software can be “installed” straight from the box but that usually leaves you with a “bare bones” installation; you are not leveraging the full capability of the software.

A consultant can discuss how best to configure and customize the software.  Contact me or any of my colleagues here at ellwood Associates for more information.

- Kim Byers