ellwood Associates Inc. provides the following services and more.

ellwood Technical Infrastructure (eTI)

Total Support

Each client has a pair of primary support managers responsible for their satisfaction - they are the experts who know you best. They arrange visits to keep things in your office running efficiently and plan to meet your changing needs. When our clients need support, they know that they will talk to someone who is familiar not only with the technology, but with their firm.

The ellwood Security Blanket (eSB)

Let us worry about all things related to your IT systems. For a monthly fee per user you get unlimited support: we will proactively monitor and repair your entire IT infrastructure, 24 hours/day 365 days/year. Between 8am and 8pm we guarantee a 30 minute response time!

30 Minute Response Guarantee

But what about the unexpected? ellwood has a support line open from 8am to 8pm every day of the year. You can contact us and be guaranteed a response within 30 minutes. Our support managers are always on call to assist you and if need be they can marshal the resources necessary to get you back on track.

Proactive Monitoring

eTI will monitor and manage your network remotely and proactively, freeing your staff from dealing with computer problems and alllowing them to focus and be truly productive. The systems we use at eTI are designed to meet the needs and budgets of today’s fast moving organizations.

Automated Backups

Your servers are crucial to your firm’s everyday operations. How would a server failure affect your business? Our chosen backup technologies can: rapidly access individual data files and folders, restore to different hardware or a virtual environment - in minutes, or boot up a backup image as a virtual machine for a quick, temporary fix.

End-Point Security

Our skilled IT personnel take a proactive approach to ensuring the protection of your desktops and laptops against viruses, malware, and other malicious code attacks. This service is a cornerstone of the ellwood Security Blanket.

Disaster Recovery

The word disaster conjurs images of catastrophic damage from weather, fire, or flood. We can help you recover from those "worst case" scenarios, as well as the far more common mini-disasters, like hardware or power failures. With our regularly tested backup and restore procedures, your data is safe, secure and accessible.

Software Updates

Updates are easy to overlook: they slow down your systems, they're used as "trojan horses" by hackers, and managing them across multiple devices is tedious, at best. Let us handle it. We'll vet new updates, co-ordinate installation for off-hours, and take the hassle and annoyance off your hands.

ellwood Practice Management (ePM)

Practice Management Systems

As Certified Consultants for all the major practice managment softwares, we can advise on your software selection, install and configure the software and customize it to your specific needs. Whether it's Time Matters, Amicus Attorney, or any other PM system, our experts will help make the system work for you, and when the customizations are complete, we'll train your staff how to use it efficiently.

Document Management Systems

As Worldox Certified Consultants, we can install and configure Worldox (or any other DMS) to make finding documents a snap! We can help you design a document coding structure that's intuitive. We can build ethical walls to keep your practice areas separate. And we can train your staff to use - and administer - the system.

Document Automation

Document Automation can provide huge benefits to any firm. Numerous firms use our unique "Pick Author" approach to ensure consistent formatting and accurate information on each and every letterhead document produced. And Office Managers love it because modifying or adding new staff is literally as simple as adding a row to a spreadsheet!

Document Generation

Any document that needs to be produced frequently is a candidate for automatic generation. Based on your needs, we can customize Microsoft Word and make generating simple documents a snap, or if you want to automatically generate more complex documents like Wills or Statements of Claim, we can help you install and configure HotDocs.

Turnkey Legal Startups

Starting a new firm? Remember your hidden competitor: the status quo. We can help with all the basics (cabling, telephones, etc) AND advise you on the best technologies for your practice. We can procur, customize and install everything from hardware to cost recovery and practice management software.

ellwood Evidence (eEI)

Data Forensics

Evidence garnered from computer storage devices is as critical to the successful prosecution of a case as any other physical evidence. “White collar” criminal activity is almost always dependent on computer technology. ellwood Evidence forensic experts assist our clients in gathering evidence that may have been maliciously deleted or simply overlooked and undiscovered.

Encryption and Security

Your clients trust you to protect their personal information. As cyber threats become more sophisticated and government regulations become more complex, your ability to maintain effective security is critical. ellwood can help simplify and streamline your cybersecurity and compliance efforts.

Deleted Data Recovery

Any manufacturer, any circumstance: If there’s data, ellwood data recovery specialists will recover it in a fast, secure, and cost effective manner. ellwood provides all of our clients with the security and customer satisfaction they demand from their data recovery service provider.

Video, Audio, and Image Analysis

Computer forensics is just one of the four recognized disciplines of digital forensics. The remaining three are: forensic audio analysis, forensic video analysis, and image analysis. Collection techniques are unique to each of these disciplines and the proliferation of proprietary software is increasing. We have the knowledge and the tools to help across ALL these disciplines.

Expert Testimony

Choosing the right computer forensics expert witness can make the difference in the admissibility of electronic information in court. ellwood experts are able to clearly express complex technical concepts clearly. We document our work and support our conclusions in a scientific manner, ensuring you are able to use important electronic evidence to make your case.