Ad-Hoc Hourly Support Services

Ad-hoc hourly support services work best for firms that don’t want to have a maintenance agreement for their IT support needs. It’s ideal for firms that are looking for professional assistance at problems only when they arrive.

At eTI, we offer exceptional ad-hoc hourly support services to our clients. We guarantee a 24-hour response time on all the services we give. Our hourly service rates depend on the firm’s IT infrastructure configuration and complexity.

This service is tailored to fulfill all your IT support needs, at any time you want, and for any job you like.

Fixed Fee Managed Services

Our complete IT infrastructure support service is ideal for firms that require constant IT support. Hiring such a service is like having your own in-house IT support team to look over all IT related tasks and issues.

At eTI, we offer complete IT infrastructure support services for a fixed monthly fee. We call this ellwood Security Blanket service (eSB), where clients can get all the IT support they need at a fixed monthly fee.

Our response time for the service is 30 min guaranteed.

Project Oriented Services

Project-oriented services are designed to cater to the needs of clients that are particularly looking for professional IT assistance in carrying out a project.

From IT managed service provider to remote or virtual offices to cloud migration and others, eTI delivers expert project-oriented services specified to your needs. Our project managers work diligently throughout different phases of your project and make sure that they are finalized under the deadline using standard project management stages: Concept and initiation, Definition and Planning, Execution, Performance& Control, Project Closing and reporting.