Stephen J. Ellwood
(416) 642-9605

Stephen J. Ellwood has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the design, implementation and maintenance of information systems, Internet architecture, email systems, and database systems. Spanning the entire personal computing era, his work has covered all areas of technology: hardware, software, online, mobile, and traditional and IP based telephony.

Mr. Ellwood is the founder and President of ellwood associates inc. (EAI). Since EAI’s beginnings in 1984, Mr. Ellwood has built it into a ‘best in class’ enterprise specializing in technology for the legal community in Canada. With his team of 15 consultants out of Toronto, Mr. Ellwood and EAI have served as the principal contractor or consultant on technology-related projects for over 200 large and small law firms, for government, and for corporate legal departments. His work has included:

  • advising lawyers and other professionals on technology

  • designing, implementing and maintaining technology infrastructures

  • designing, implementing and maintaining knowledge and information systems

  • developing strategies and systems for the forensic use of information technology

  • advising on and implementing technology security

  • implementing and maintaining document management systems

  • implementing and maintaining Internet services, including email and ISP mail servers

  • installing and configuring software systems

  • designing, installing and maintaining database and information systems.

Steve works primarily now in the digital forensics and eDiscovery world in the ellwood sister company, ellwood Evidence Inc.

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