Mike Frangopol

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mike is a trained mechanical engineer who joined ellwood Associates Inc. as an entry-level technician in 2012. While on the job, Mike continued his education and developed his skills. He eventually took over as Operations Manager for ellwood Associates’ IT division. 

In 2020 Mike and his spouse Lori, along with eAI founder Steve Ellwood, took the IT division out of ellwood Associates to form a new business. Mike and Lori now have the controlling interest in ellwood Technology Inc., a firm dedicated to providing the highest-quality IT support to law firms in Ontario.   

Mike is our President and Operations Manager; he leads a diverse and talented team. Under Mike’s leadership, eTI manages both smallsimple IT environments and large, sophisticated operations that engage today’s most advanced technology across multiple data centers – all while adhering to the highest levels of digital security