The ellwood Security Blanket is complete coverage of all aspects of your IT operation, from installation of new hardware and software to updates and anti-virus, for a flat monthly "per user" fee.

Over the past 30 years ellwood Associates has provided technical and management support to hundreds of Canadian firms.

This experience has given us a unique understanding of the challenges faced by businesses today along with experience in addressing those challenges with best practices, many of which we have developed ourselves over the years.

In the last two decades, business has become more efficient by the application of technology, automation of documents, gathering and management of information and computerized accounting systems.

Today, on top of past advances, we have access to information and systems from everywhere; from the desk at the office to a laptop at home, a smartphone in an airport lounge to an iPad full of documents in the car.

An IT support organization can no longer merely support whatever is inside the four walls of the formal office between 9am and 5pm.  We can no longer simply support desktop PC’s and servers. Those days are long gone.

Today a physical computer might house ten servers, or one.  A server might support 5 applications or only provide partial support for a shared application.  An application held on one virtual server on one physical platform might be ‘slid over’ to a completely different physical server - while transparently continuing to providing services to users, while its original host is brought down for maintenance.

Today, a user working from home on a Sunday evening might well need support in preparing for “the big meeting” in the morning.  That they are at home on a Sunday evening doesn’t prevent them from needing help.

It is a complicated world and ellwood Associates has evolved to meet these new situations.  

We don’t think of ourselves as people that fix the wheels on the train - instead we see ourselves as people that help get each passenger from one station to the next - whatever it takes.

We support PEOPLE.  People that need to get their work done; fast, efficiently and with as little disruption as possible.

We are available without additional charge from 8:00am to 8pm, 365 days a year - because when the people we support need us we have to be ready to respond, holidays notwithstanding.  We guarantee a 30 minute response time to any request for support between those hours.  Outside those hours we can be reached if and as required.  We will respond to critical systems failures 24 hours a day on an urgent basis.

We don’t limit our support to specific devices, servers, workstations, smartphones, or tablets.  We support PEOPLE in their efforts to get their work done.  If ‘work’ is involved we support it - period.

We don’t limit support to specific applications.  We are world leaders in the support of legal applications but we also offer deep knowledge and experience with all of the standard business applications your firm depends upon.

Our support infrastructure includes sophisticated monitoring and resolution technology that will expose actual and potential problems as they arise - allowing us to respond immediately - minimizing or eliminating downtime for your firm.

The ellwood team is made up of 17 professionals ranging from Citrix server specialists to digital forensic specialists.  Our team has an average tenure of approximately 8 years, with the longest serving at 15 years. This deep bench is required to provide the expertise to maintain your environment.  Specific members of this team will be particularly focused on your firm on an ongoing basis.  

Network Administrator - Primary Technician

Your firm will have a primary support specialist.  This person is a technician, trained in the details of your systems.  Their role will be to know, on a daily basis, what is ‘going on’ at your firm.  Every week this person will attend your office and spend the time required to meet with your office manager or administrator to discuss future plans and schedule the on-site work required on an ongoing basis, like potential staff changes.  They will become the familiar face of ellwood inside your firm.  Staff will likely stop this person in the hallway and ask for help on various matters.  Our primary technician is a first point of contact and a large part of the relationship.

Operations Manager

No one is superhuman.  No one knows everything and once in awhile, everyone needs a vacation.  The entire ellwood team stands behind your primary support person.  ellwood provides two additional senior staff to assist.  Our Operations Manager also staffs the support desk.  They see all incoming work and manage the work assignments, fitting the skills required and availability to the service requirement.  Every service request and requirement will go to your primary support person, but if there is a reason why your primary support person can not engage or is not the best person to engage, then another ellwood staff person, already briefed on your environment, will be dispatched to provide the support.  In the event that a specialist ellwood staff person is engaged with your firm, both Operations and your primary technician will be receiving a steady stream of updates and progress reports.

The primary support person and the Operations Manager are responsible for the short term smooth functioning of your infrastructure and the support of your people.


The Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) role is informed by the insight of your primary support person and the Operations Manager. This person is responsible for working with your firm’s leadership to develop a vision and a road map for the evolution of the firm’s technological infrastructure, staff development with respect to their interaction with technology and automation and matching the supporting infrastructure to the firm’s own business and professional goals.

ellwood Home

When ‘work’ is not involved we offer a special service to the staff of our clients which can be billed directly to them or through the office, called “ellwood Home”.

ellwood Home is only available to the owners, partners and staff of ellwood clients.  We will engage in any technical issue where ‘the office’ is not involved.  Setting up the home wifi network (securely), getting a virus off your child’s computer, troubleshooting a home theatre - the technology of the home.

ellwood Home is offered at a significantly discounted rate of $65 per hour to ensure that staff can take advantage of our high tech world without frustration.


We are experts in the maintenance and support of the technology required to efficiently run a modern office.  We do it every day.  We know what works, what fails and what is needlessly expensive or ‘penny-wise and pound foolish’.

As experts we will study your environment. We have a vision of how your environment SHOULD be configured to provide to you the maximum ‘bang for the buck’.

We will take responsibility for monitoring and managing each computer and device your firm deploys to your staff.  We will do that by adding a small application on every device.

We will take responsibility for the backup of the day-to-day data and the full image of each computer and device your firm deploys to your staff.

Help Desk Services

Anyone in your firm can call or email or access the web portal of our support desk, and ask for help in the use of any of the supported applications from Word to Acrobat to you name it.

365 days a year, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Toronto time - we have extended hours to accommodate a long working day.


Your infrastructure is a balance between best practices and economy.  We understand the realities of modern business.  We see our role to be part of the process of continual transformation from the current situation to a more efficient, reliable and cost effective future. Depending on the size and complexity of your firm, we are able to provide worry-free support and security for prices starting at $125 per user per month.